The Band


"Jeremy Boothe & The Wanderers" started out as a full production solo project in early 2015. Jeremy Boothe, with the intent on having friends sit in at the studio to share their talents, eventually built lasting relationships that would lead to their performances driven as a live band.


Jeremy Boothe, having been in several experimental bands prior, decided to take lead in this arrangement to pin down a "not so noticeable sound". His song writing proves par to the uniqueness that is a cross between a siren of folk, a jazzy stomping beat and a rock driven arrangement.


"The Unknown" album is their debut album broadcasting their love for music, and hopefully doing the same in the hearts of the listener.


The album was recorded in several stages. The first being acoustic guitar, upright bass and drums at Birdhouse Studios in north Austin. The second stage was laying down vocals, trumpet, violin and other instruments at Million Dollar Sound in south Austin. The Album was produced, mixed and mastered by our very talented friend, Jamal Knox.


"Jeremy Boothe & The Wanderers" consists of Dan Bowman on bass, Jamal Knox on drums, Morgan Elliott on violin, Luke West on trumpet and singer-songwriter Jeremy Boothe on acoustic guitar. Through modern streams of social technology and networking, these friends were fortunate to have met at a heightening stage of their musical careers and hope to share the colorful mural of those backgrounds where you just can't help but enjoy!


The Singer-Songwriter


Roots folk singer-songwriter Jeremy Boothe didn’t always have the ability to open up and share his thoughts, ambitions, and experiences as an extension of himself through song. This was a skill that he worked hard to develop over time, building gumption for his songwriting that’s both tried-and-true.


In his early years, Boothe’s first experiences with music came from singing in the school choir and playing the violin in the school’s orchestra program. But soon, the routine of mainstream music playing  put Boothe in a stagnant state, with the itch to pursue more.


Inspired to become the change that he wished to see, Boothe purchased a $100 dollar guitar from his local music store. He would play small private sessions with his friends, and in secret, write songs about his thoughts and experiences. It wasn’t until attending college in San Marcos, TX that he would start sharing his work publicly.


“Coffee shop shows led to open mic nights, which in turn led to booking small bar venues and eventually forming my own band. I love songwriting. The process allows me to create, be vulnerable and hopefully form connections with my audience when I’m performing live”. –Jeremy Boothe


In 2015, Boothe set out to record a full production album of his work. Having been in several experimental bands prior, he decided to coordinate a new arrangement by pinning down a "not so noticeable sound.” His song writing proves par to the uniqueness that is a cross between a roots folk arrangement intertwined with grit-worded song builds and supported by a rock driven beat.


Since his first album, Boothe has released “Live at Dozen Street” with Ileana Nina on fiddle as accompaniment. With future plans to record another full production album, Boothe has us on the edge of our seats in anticipation.

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